Friendship Goals.

Friends. photo:

I wish I was a better friend…
Who always calls and keeps in touch,
Who would always show that I care,
and would always prove my worth.

Who wasn’t so content with a solitary life, who really loved socializing.
Who didn’t withdraw because of past hurts,
when with friends, I could be thriving.

Who wasn’t wary of kindness and smiles,
Not knowing who’s real or who’s fake.
Not knowing the ones who only want to be with me,
for what they would be able to take.

People often misunderstand,
They assume that I’m so haughty,
Or snobbish, freaky, tiresome or weird,
or even just plain old nutty.

Life is for shared joy and laughter,
for mingling and for living,
I will now call all of my friends immediately…
Or maybe I’ll just wait until morning.

©Ivie M. Eke 2015

Friendship goals 😄 Photo:
Friendship goals 😄 Photo:

Day 12. #nablopomo

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