My Ideal Day Off.

I have experienced unemployment, and I can say that it sucks-big time. Getting a job where I am paid to do stuff is always something that signifies progress and happiness for me. However, like any other adult who has a job, I look forward to having time away from work, or better still, paid vacation days.

I could go a step further and fantasize about having a perpetual vacation where I had unlimited time to myself and could move from one location to the next without worrying about projects and deadlines. However, it is often the case that one needs to earn a living to be able to afford to have any kind of vacation.

If I were to envision an ideal day off, my first thought would be a fantasy-fueled adventure involving a ride on a private jet to an exotic location, where the beach has clean white sand, the water is crystal blue and drinks are served in coconuts or some other fruit.

Blue water. photo:
Blue water. photo:

Realistically speaking, my ideal day off would probably involve most of the following:

  • Waking up late, or at least having the luxury of staying in bed late.
  • Some prayer/meditation and an attempt to exercise.
  • A shower and an attempt at a healthy breakfast.
  • Taking a long, leisurely walk around my neighbourhood.
  • Getting a nice meal at a restaurant where I can also read a book without interruptions.
  • Going back home and continuing my book without interruptions.
  • Catching up with friends…or just chilling, listening to music or watching a comedy show on TV.

Sometimes the simple things are what we really crave for.

Simple things. photo:
Simple things. photo:

Day 13. #nablopomo

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