Darkness Is Normal.

Darkness. photo: weheartit.com
Darkness. photo: weheartit.com

Organized societies: ‘Oh my gawwwddd, there’s been a power cut!’ *panic* *screams*
Naija: ‘NEPA has taken the light’ *shrug* *yawn*

I’m vaguely concerned about how unaffected and desensitized I am to power cuts/power failures/stolen ‘light’. I just shrug, switch off appliances and go outside to turn on the generator. I have even perfected the art of walking gingerly in pitch darkness in order to locate my phone or a lamp without hitting my foot on a stool or any other kind of obstacle. Hitting your foot is for amateurs. I’m a pro, a pro at walking around in darkness😎

Darkness is normal.

Inefficiency is normal.

I don’t want it to be normal.

Darkness is real.
May the lives of those lost as a result of violence not be in vain.

May the families and friends of the victims find strength to bear the pain.

May those who perpetuate evil and violence face justice that they can not explain.

May this world get to a point of awareness, that in violence, there is no gain.

©Ivie M. Eke 2015

Day 14. #nablopomo

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