2015: The Year Of The Tooth (Extractions).

More tears of pain. photo: weheartit.com
More tears of pain. photo: weheartit.com

I have had the great misfortune of having two teeth removed within the space of six months in 2015. One tooth was removed because it was almost completely covered by my gum and was causing a lot of pain. The second one was removed because it had a bad cavity, which also caused pain.

In my quiet moments, I can still hear the sound of my teeth cracking as the dentist pried them out of my mouth. Both experiences were traumatic, not just because of the intense pain and swelling which occurred afterwards, but for other reasons.

I do not generally like strangers crowding my personal space, so you can imagine my discomfort as the dentist and his assistant spent over an hour during each extraction trying to remove my teeth from my mouth.

I also tend to have mild germaphobia, so I was wary of the fact that the tools being used in my mouth had probably been used for other patients. I however observed that the tools were in fact sterilized and in some cases, brand new ones were brought out of their packaging before they were used. This made me feel slightly better.

I also bit the dentist’s finger (it was an accident!), which also made me feel better.

I now try my best to floss and brush my teeth as often as possible after meals. I’ve also considered whitening my teeth, as they are not as white as they used to be when I was a child.

I love watching American movies and sitcoms, not just for the acting; I’ve observed that they tend to have very white teeth.

I really hope I don’t have to go back to the dentist’s chair for another extraction. I’m done (fingers crossed).

Day 15. #nablopomo


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