Efficiency And Witchcraft.

I recently needed information about the process for protecting literary work in Nigeria. I looked up the information on the Nigerian Copyright Commission’s website. The information was clear. The process itself was straightforward.

I didn’t know what to do with myself.

When your default setting is to ‘expect rubbish’, efficiency catches you unawares. It’s refreshing.



Dearest MTN…

I am not a night-time witch. I cannot keep waking up between 3am-5am daily, since that is the period of time I am certain that the quality of your service would be manageable. Majority of us use your services during the day; please improve the quality of your services accordingly. Thank you.

Even day-time witches are not happy with your services.

Night-time witch (I think).

photo: genius.com

Day 20. #nablopomo

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