Hips Like Shakira.


If I could move my hips like Shakira, mundane tasks would be dance-worthy, like shopping or even drinking water.

If I had a voice like Beyoncé Knowles, I would sing at the top of my voice, and winning a Grammy would be one of my goals.

If I had a strut like Naomi Campbell, I would catwalk all the time, and wear designer clothes extremely well.

If I had toned arms like Michelle Obama, I would always wear sleeveless dresses, in summertime and even in winter.

If I had a smile like Kerry Washington, my teeth would always be on display, and no bad situation would ever leave me beaten.

If I could write books like Chimamanda Adichie, I would become a millionaire, using literature to express every joy and fear.

If I had a mind like Hilary Clinton, I would tackle tough policy issues, and my reasoning would be as sharp as a pin.

If I could just be myself always, I would reach for the stars, and find great success, until the end of my days.

©Ivie M. Eke 2015

Photo: Wikipedia

Day 26. #nablopomo

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