No Sister Here.

I’ve wondered about having a sister,
Someone to always have near.
I’m sure that she would have been wonderful,
I probably would have really loved her.

Maybe a lovely big sister,
Who would always look out for me.
Someone who I could borrow clothes from,
Like a shopping mall, but free.

Maybe a pretty little sister,
Who I would guard with my whole heart.
Who would also look up to me,
As I make living this life look like art.

Maybe even a twin sister,
With whom I would share my thoughts and my fears.
Someone that looked exactly like me,
Always ready to wipe away errant tears.

Even though I don’t have a sister,
A permanent friend to call my own,
I still have my loving family and friends,
So I know that I will never be alone.

©Ivie M. Eke 2015

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