Love in the time of harmattan.

Every year, (and I mean EVERY YEAR) we Nigerians are extremely surprised when the weather changes to become very cold and dry at the end of the year. This time of the year is known as harmattan and usually starts in December.
Our usual default weather settings are either sunny days or rainy days. These bring with them excessive sweating and frantic searches for elusive umbrellas respectively. Harmattan comes along with its unique kind of challenges, which include:
Dry lips.

Dry skin.

Stuffy noses.

Dry coughs.

Watery eyes.

Congested chests.


All characteristics which scream ‘look at me, I’m so unattractive today! Hahaha **coughing**’


However, this is the time of the year when offers along the lines of ‘hey baby, come over so that I’ll keep you warm *wink *wink’ start to surface.




I can picture it now.


The intoxicating smell of Vicks or Aboniki balm hanging heavily in the air, while a young man tries to whisper sweet nothings in my ear whilst coughing, as I blow my nose and ask for more tissue.


How romantic 😍


It almost brings tears to my eyes.


Or maybe it’s just the strong smell of the Aboniki balm.


Aboniki balm. photo:



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