Looking Forward.

My feet beat a determined path on the ground.

I am walking towards my future this time around.

There are many obstacles; challenges abound.

So many things are happening, so many ups and downs.

But I walk with my head high; insecurities are nowhere to be found.

Nothing can stop me now, neither lions nor rabid hounds.

I see a future lined with gold, or just Dollars and Pounds.

I am going where I am supposed to be, in success I am bound.

They try to call me back-I can hear the sounds.

‘You can’t catch me now!’, I shout aloud.

The works of my hands will be fruitful; I will make my family proud.

I take deliberate strides towards my future, like a wind-propelled cloud.

©Ivie M. Eke 2015

Photo: Pinterest.com


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