Relationship Goals.

What is it that I am seeking?

Why, I am so glad that you’ve asked!

I am looking for something, which is very different from nothing.

I have experienced it.


Nothing relationships are tepid, lukewarm, stale.

Nothing relationships yield neither joy nor uplifted spirits.

Nothing relationships bring out the worst in you, and you are faced with a version of yourself which you do not recognize.

No, I do not want any part of that.

I want…something.

I want a bountiful, something-filled relationship.

One where I can be the best version of myself most of the time.

One where there is no ambiguity, no confusion, no puzzlement.

One where I do not have to play detective; the feelings are clear, and they are mutual.

One where he and I can march through life’s challenges with flair, with dedication, with resolve.

One where we are partners in crime.

One where respect is mutual, and is not taken for granted.

One where affection is freely given, and not withheld…never ever withheld.

One where flaws are acknowledged, and with mutual efforts, minimized.

Life is short after all.

Why waste it on nothing?

Why waste it dwelling in nothingness?

You could have something, you know.

Something heartfelt.

Something beautiful.

Something wonderful.

Yes, I know what I am seeking.

No, I do not want nothing.

I want something.

A whole lot of something.

©Ivie M. Eke 2015



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