2015: What a year!

There where dodgy scenarios and even a few missteps,

But I steered in the right direction; I was no longer inept.


There were times of self-doubt and fleeting frustrations,

But I did what I could to salvage those situations.


There were some let-downs and a few disappointments,

But I channeled my energy into finding some fulfillment.


There were moments of vagueness, and a lack of clarity,

But I removed the shades of negativity, and I started to see things more clearly.


There was sometimes darkness and often a lack of inspiration,

But I discovered that life is full of bright lights, and is worthy of celebration.


There have been discoveries that some friendships have in them hidden dangers,

But I also experienced unexpected warmth and kindness from strangers.


2015-a wonderful year, full of soul-searching, victories and reprieves,

2016 will be even better; of this I am certain and happy to believe.


Happy New Year!

©Ivie M. Eke 2015


Photos: weheartit.com


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