Kisses: Sloppiness & Goodness.

love-the lows weheartit
A victim of sloppy kisses.


Sloppy kisses,

Make you curl up your toes in despair,

Wiping away copious amounts of saliva,

As you take frantic deep breaths of air.


Good kisses,

Make you smile sheepishly with delight,

They make your heart almost burst at its seams,

As you are suddenly filled with a joyful light.


Sloppy kisses,

Make you feel sorry for your tongue,

Wondering if there’s such a thing as a tongue-bandage,

As you ponder on where it all went wrong.


Good kisses,

Make you feel buoyed with confidence,

You can hardly believe your good fortune,

And you can’t wait for the next one to commence.


Sloppy kisses,

Make you walk around with an emergency pack of handkerchiefs,

Making you wary and on the look-out,

For all the excessive drool which such kisses leave.


Good kisses,

Make you smile and remember what you had endured before,

You believe that the good kisser has absolved you,

And that you will experience sloppy kisses no more.


©Ivie M. Eke 2016




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