She loves her makeup.


I want all of this makeup 😍😍😍

She looks in the mirror,

She combs her hair,

She looks at her face,

She sees that it’s bare.


She powders her face,

She puts on some eye shadow,

She contours her face,

She makes it look chiseled and narrow.


She applies blush to her cheeks,

She puts on tinted lip balm,

She is a makeup expert now,

Her strokes are measured and calm.


She finishes the process,

She smiles at her reflection,

Her beauty is more enhanced now,

Of that, there is no question.


She’s always told that she needs no makeup,

They don’t know why she bothers,

But isn’t life much more interesting,

With makeup and all its colours.


©Ivie M. Eke 2016



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