Worrying About Nothing.


worrying about nothing
Photo: weheartit.com


What will people say?

What will people think?

‘Ivie has started writing, it seems;

Maybe she’s had too much to drink?’


These thoughts have plagued my mind,

Swirling around like a storm.

Hesitating before I put up every new post,

Wondering if they’ll get where I’m coming from.


The need to write has become so necessary,

For me to clear my mind,

From all the randomness and many thoughts,

Which have been taking place deep inside.


There have been people who have encouraged me,

Who have been vocal in their praise.

Their words make me happy and keep me going,

To keep writing as much as I please.


I don’t know what will come of it,

Whether I will be a big hit.

Or maybe I should stop worrying about it all,

And just enjoy the whole pleasure of it.


©Ivie M. Eke 2016.


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