Stand Up Straight!


joys of self loathing


I can barely see you,

As you are stooped so low,

Your back is bent,

Your features are now drawn.



You shuffle rather than walk,

You cower at the slightest sound,

You shrink yourself to accommodate others.

Your back is hunched from real and imagined burdens.



What happened?

When did you bend yourself into two?

Why are you so hard on yourself?



Stand up.

Stand up straight.



Yes, you can do it.



Look straight ahead.

Look people in the eye.

Let your body radiate poise and self-awareness.



Straighten out the curves,

Smooth out your frown lines,

Puff out your chest,

Exude confidence with a touch of kindness.



I know you can do it.



Stand tall;

You will be a hunchback no more.


©Ivie M. Eke 2016.

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