Be Patient.


My heart,

Where are you going to?

Please, come back to your resting place.

Be still.

I know you want to go out,

But your time hasn’t come.

Be patient, my heart…


I know you have spotted a gentleman who intrigues you,

So you want to step out to explore,

But, wait a moment-

His heart is facing away from you,

He does not share your intrigue,

Please, retreat to your resting place,

He is not yours.

Be patient, my heart…


Everywhere you look,

Hearts are moving around in pairs,

It is a wonderful sight,

But…it is only wonderful,

If the hearts want to be together…

I know that you wish to have this experience,

But, take your time…it will happen…

Be patient, my heart…


Look-over there!

Look at that heart-

It jumps with joy at the mere sight of you,

It beats faster, and wants you to be happy,

You can go to him, and walk together, heart-to-heart.

Your patience has been rewarded.


©Ivie M. Eke 2016.

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