I Love Music: The Usher Raymond Edition.


Usher Raymond. Image: wikipedia.org
Usher Raymond (popularly known simply as Usher) is an American RnB singer and all round entertainer.


I believe the first song of his which I ever heard was ‘U make me wanna’ way back in 1997 or 1998 (my memory is quite fuzzy). When I watch that music video now, I am struck by how young-looking he was, and how great the quality of his vocals was at that age (he was about 19 years old at the time).


Did I mention that he’s a very handsome man?



Sometimes I wish that my life was an Usher Raymond video where I would do nothing but execute complicated dance moves, make sexy faces and sing passionately about love won or lost.


My favourite songs of Usher’s are from his ‘8701’ album which he released in 2001. I however still enjoy listening to his more current songs, and the video for his song ‘No Limit’ is a current favourite of mine.


Here’s a poem I wrote using Usher Raymond song titles (the song titles are in bold font). I imagined him saying these words to a pretty lady…

Happy reading!



My Boo…You’re such a good kisser.

U remind me that there’s no limit.

I was wondering…can you help me?

I was so caught up in my confessions.

And when I reached the climax of moving mountains,

I had to focus on taking things nice and slow.

So now, I want to make love in the club.

But I know you’re a bad girl; you’ll just let me burn.

You don’t have to call, but when you do a U-turn,

And if I want to,

We can still twork it out

And start a new flame.

©Ivie M. Eke 2016


***All videos are from youtube.com***

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