Thoughts: Commitment Issues.


2016 was a very significant year for me:


  • I wrote on Classically Ivy throughout the year.
  • I wrote for different blogs and websites.
  • I read poetry for audiences on three different occasions.
  • I read books about writing and took some online classes as well.
  • I learned a lot about social media utilization, and
  • I self-published an ebook, a collection of poetry.

It was also significant because I did not date/get into any relationship throughout the year.

It wasn’t a deliberate act. I certainly wasn’t walking around with a sign around my neck which read ‘Keep Off!’

It just happened that way.

And you know what? It was great.

Now, I am not against relationships. In fact, I will grudgingly admit that despite my experiences, watching movies such as ‘Love Actually’ manages to warm up the insides of my cold dead heart ❤️

What happened was that I was too focused on things like completing stories and poems, scheduling posts and other writing-related activities.

I was busy being a writer and blissfully happy being busy.

Without the distractions of wondering why ‘he’ didn’t call, or why I wasn’t making ‘him’ happy, I discovered that I have the capacity to be creative, and to be consistent with the creativity.

I have been judged to be a commitment-phobe, and assumptions have been made that I am single because I am too ‘picky’.

2016 taught me that I can commit to writing and blogging even when I don’t feel like it because the end result-the satisfaction of writing things which people enjoy-is worth the trouble.

So, I can commit to a relationship…but it has to be worth my while.

Lesson learned.

What lessons did you learn in 2016?

Thanks for reading!


©Ivie M. Eke 2016.


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