Do You Have Any Questions For Me?



Hey, Everyone!

I was casually scheduling posts on WordPress when I noticed that I have 148 subscribers to this blog.


I blinked several times and looked again. Yes, I have gone from having only a handful of subscribers when I started this blog in October 2015 to having 148 subscribers!


That, to me, is simply amazing.


I know a lot of you subscribed for specific reasons: to read poetry, or stories, or any of the other things which I write on this blog.


Do you have any questions for me? The questions don’t even have to be about writing, they could vary from where I live (Abuja, Nigeria) to my favourite fruits (mangoes. Always mangoes).


Please leave your questions in the comments section, and I will answer them in a post next week.


Right now, I am working on my third book, which will be a novel. I also have some short stories lined up to be published on this blog, so please look out for those as well!


I’m really looking forward to your questions.


Thanks and all the best,



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