Poem: So Difficult.

You are too difficult,

With too many rough edges.

You choose to rebel,

While others hide behind life’s pledges.


Your brain moves too quickly,

At a thousand miles an hour.

You gleefully eat lemons,

When others dismiss them as sour.


You don’t smile often,

Some see this as a disaster.

But your stoicism is a challenge,

Only the weak ones will cower.


You fly solo with the wind.

You simply refuse to give in,

To the world and all its trappings.


To the ones who say you will never win,

Your heart wishes to let them in,


But then you remember where you’ve been,

And you realize that it’s not a sin,

To keep a lot of yourself hidden,


Because your secret power lies deep within:

You can turn mere thoughts into something golden.


Written by

Ivie M. Eke 2018.

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