What’s up with WordPress?

Hello, ClassicallyIvy Readers!

I hope you are all doing well and having a nice week so far.

I have not been posting as regularly as I used to due to several factors, including finding it difficult to focus on writing since my Mum’s death, and also, with the way WordPress now functions on my mobile devices.

I have used WordPress since 2015 and it has been, for the most part, as easy as saying ‘WordPress’. I really enjoyed its mobile functionality-the ease with which I was able to save drafts of posts and upload photos to a post using my mobile phone or iPad. However, I have noticed that for months, especially with the ‘Block’ feature, typing posts and uploading photos to a post have been difficult. Either the cursor refuses to appear, or the upload feature simply refuses to work.

I am currently typing this post with my laptop, but if you are a Nigerian who lives in Nigeria, the unpredictable quality of internet connectivity is such that using a mobile device is optimal, because sometimes the network quality might be terrible at your desk but inexplicably, might work very well whilst you are practically hanging our of your window.

I just want WordPress to work as well as it used to when I first started my writing journey.

Have any other regular users of WordPress had difficulty using it recently? I would love to know.

I have to say this: even though I have not been my optimal writing self, my blog still receive constant views and new followers. Thank you, all of you. I really appreciate it.

Enjoy your day.

Ivie xxx

Ivie M. Eke

May 26th, 2021.

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